Operating from four offices on three continents, we provide customized investment banking services, exceptional and credible research, and merchant banking activities that develop and maintain institutional support for our constituent companies. 

The central theme to every service Viriathus provides is to do so with the highest standards of integrity.  When our expert investment banking services are coupled with our institutional research products and merchant banking activities, we create a powerful and unique sponsorship platform for emerging growth companies.

We believe that our boutique approach towards providing financial services allows us to truly become our client's trusted advisor that can assist them throughout their development stage to attract attention and garner support from the financial community. Like the Lusitanian warrior our firm derives its name from, we do not fear the established financial services conventions that often leave emerging growth companies without the sponsorship they deserve, and take great pride in creating innovative and unorthodox solutions to complex problems.

Our unique product and service offerings assist our clients by providing greater access to growth capital, an improved technical profile, increased institutional ownership, and in turn a fairer valuation in the the market place.