Viriathus Proprietary Investments (VPI) is the principal investment business of Merchant Banking

Viriathus Proprietary Investments (VPI) focuses on corporate private equity investments in emerging growth companies globally. While VPI is generally industry agnostic, we believe that healthcare, technology, and the resources sectors hold the greatest pool of businesses that align with our views of risk and reward.

Asset Development Program

Viriathus’ asset development business focuses on the development of high-growth projects through a combination of direct investment, fundraising, corporate strategy services and practical insights.

The business follows similar principles to private equity, however Viriathus typically takes a strategic investment at an early entry point and provides a more hands-on approach to the development and value growth of the business.

While the goal remains an exit, we work closely with the companies to build sustainable business models and maximize value creation. A flexible approach is adopted for the timing and nature of the exit strategy.

Viriathus Private Opportunities (VPO) is the co-investment business of Merchant Banking

Viriathus Private Opportunities (VPO) manages a global portfolio of private investments on behalf of clients of the group. Our team sources, reviews and invests in many alternative asset classes, including:

  • Private equity funds

  • Distressed credit funds

  • Direct private equity investments

  • Direct real estate investments

  • Hedge funds

  • Fund of funds

VPO pursues investment opportunities on an individual basis. Our business model seeks to maximize flexibility and the ability to be opportunistic. VPO is agnostic to industry, geography, asset class or position in the capital structure.