Viriathus Capital's Debt Advisory practice works with clients to determine the appropriate debt objectives and strategy, select the appropriate products and providers, and transact on the best terms.

We are capable of advising on solutions across the credit spectrum and have experience across the full range of debt markets including banking, capital markets, asset-based lending, securitization and project debt.

We work in close partnership with senior management and the Board from the beginning to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing solutions. We then advise senior management on assessing each option, selecting the appropriate pathway, and implementation of the preferred solution.

Our Debt Advisory practice provides strategic advice on:

  • Conducting competitive tenders for the provision of financial solutions, including the negotiation of term sheets and financing documentation.

  • Negotiating amendments to existing financing terms, including covenant amendments and waivers, and debt rescheduling.

  • Negotiating restructurings and exchange offers, including debt for equity swaps.

  • Managing stakeholder relationships.

Recent Transactions