Viriathus Capital's Equity Advisory practice provides companies independent, unbiased, highly technical advice and execution support in the following areas:

  • IPOs

  • Cross-Listings

  • Secondaries and Rights Issues

  • Compliance / Technical Listings

OTCQX Advisory

Our OTCQX Advisory service provides international companies listed on qualified exchanges with expert advice on the OTCQX listing process as well as tactical advice on the appointment of sub-advisors, service providers and timing of listing execution. The benefits to companies who quote their ADRs or foreign share equivalents on the OTCQX include:

  • Access to the US market and funding

  • Significant savings on fees vs. those charged by a traditional exchange

  • No SEC registration or Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements

  • No need to translate financials to US accounting standards

  • No dilution of current shareholder base

  • Higher share valuations than companies listed only on their home exchange

IPO Advisory

While IPOs in theory should be straightforward from a project management perspective, in reality it is a process that is highly complex and demanding for management teams. Our IPO Advisory service will:

  • Assist management with fully considering the merits of an IPO

  • Advise on structure and positioning

  • Select, negotiate and manage Bookrunners and other third parties

  • Manage execution and problem resolution

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