Viriathus Research's global reach allows us to serve companies quoted on various exchanges in marketing to influential North American and European institutional investors who have increasingly become focused on foreign markets.

We provide these under-covered and/or underserved companies something that they have had limited or no access to in the past: access to and the attention of U.S. and International institutional investors.

Viriathus Research distributes its research reports through all of the leading institutionally focused research platforms, including:

  • Bloomberg

  • Thomson Reuters

  • BlueMatrix

  • CapitalIQ

  • FactSet.

This large distribution network covers approximately 10,000 institutional investors, including at least 60% of the top 100 hedge funds, and approximately 5,000 individual subscribers located around the globe.

We also provide our clients with detailed intelligence regarding the distribution campaign which includes data on the names and numbers of institutions that have viewed their report. This serves to not only validate the penetration of our research campaign, but also provides the foundation for future financial marketing campaigns and non-deal road shows.