Viriathus Research offers three principal products to emerging growth companies worldwide.

Each product possesses the same quality of presentation and articulation, but differs in length and depth of information so that we may meet the budget needs of our clients.

Informational Report

A comprehensive and detailed analysis of a publicly or privately held corporation that presents a company's story in a manner that invokes the interest of the financial community by clearly articulating the value proposition, opportunities, and risks represented by the subject firm.

In addition to the initial report, Viriathus Research provides its clients with three additional quarterly updates which are concise summaries of each client's performance as well as a review of key accomplishments during the previous quarter.

Overview Report

For companies that do not wish to commission a report as detailed as the Informational Report, our Overview Report is essentially an abbreviated version of the Informational Report.

The main purpose of the Overview Report will be to serve as a platform for information aggregation, allowing interested parties to quickly learn about the subject company.

Summary Report

These are relatively light weight Overview Reports, typically 5-8 pages in length, which will provide investors with a concise overview of the company, its business, and management's plans for the future.